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January 25th, 2009 by Briden

Heads up Vancouver, incoming underground massive event by the Godizus Sisters.  Next Saturday January 31st, a heap of djs are coming together in a battle of the sexes.  2×4 sets all night long, boy VS girl, I’ll be playing on the psytrance stage, rocking out with ShellB of course.  I have some tasty new psy that’s not been played yet, be sure to be on the dancefloor for this one :)

All info is available at

facebook link:

here’s the massive DJ lineup!

::2 stages::
Stage 1 “Psy Trance” (tribal, progressive, full on, dark, chill, and more …)
Stage 2 “Psy Electronica” (Jungle, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Reggae, Psydub, Breakcore, Electro, Dubstep, & more …)


::Line Up ::  24 DJs / Artists(alphabetic order)

::Stage 1::

Ganika vs Parashunk live P.A
(Godizus,Triplag,Geomagnetic,D-A-R-K / Vancouver) (Syzygy,Beleaf/SouthAfrica)

IndigoVioletta vs Mars
(Deliria, Godizus / Vancouver) (GOS, 13Moons / Vancouver)

Jenni vs Mythril
(Godizus / Vancouver) (Deliria / Vancouver)

Krazy K vs Anima
(mAd sKilLz, Godizus, Night oracle / Vancouver) (Oui-R1 / Montreal)

 ShellB vs Briden 
(Stereoshift / Victoria)

Stargirl vs Spaceman Spliff
(Rainbow Cathedrale,Godizus/Seattle, Vancouver) (Down to Earth,Beleaf/Vancouver)

::Stage 2::

Charo vs Echopilot
(Godizus / Mexico, Vancouver) (Ombase Recordings, Vancouver) [Reggae, Psydub]

Fastmolly vs Derek Michael
(HeatScore, Vancouver) [Tech/electro/heavy Bass Breaks]

Kinwah vs DonJuan
(Euphorik Sound Krew, Vancouver) [Jungle]

Kittycat vs Radylan G live P.A
(Xtream Dimension / Vancouver) (Darqlab / Vancouver)  [Trippy trip trop] 

Lady AK vs Stimz
(Abstrakt, Vancouver) (LSD Soundtribe, Vancouver) [Drum & Bass]

Wingz vs Rapskallion
 (Vancouver) [Nuskool Electrohop Breaks]

Featuring SIXTEENARMEDJACK (Illegal_records, sound crew)

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